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We want you to understand how the process for finding a personal loans lender works, so we’re written out below some of the most commonly asked questions.

Is having a bad credit score problematic when I need to get a loan?

When a lender is reviewing a request for a loan, they will want to confirm that the person is someone who pays bills on time and will repay the personal loan. The way they check this is by looking at the credit score. If you have a bad credit score, then the lender can expect to take a higher risk by loaning you money. However, the lender will also take your current financial situation into account. Do you have a steady job? Are you paying your bills on time now? You can still get accepted even with a bad credit score.

Is there a chance I can get accepted for a loan with bad credit?

When you send your request to Speedy Cash Advance Loans, we will forward it to lenders who work with people from all walks of life and that have all different types of credit scores. Just because you were in a financial rut a few years back and couldn’t pay your bills as you should have does not mean you’re in the same situation today. The lenders will take a close look at the whole picture to determine how risky it would be to accept your loan request. If you are paying bills on time now and have a steady job, it will help your chances. To find out more, send us your online inquiry form today.

How can I get a personal loan with bad credit?

Even if your credit is bad, you are still welcome to send in an online inquiry form for personal loans. We will send that off to our long list of online lenders so that they can evaluate it and give a credit decision. The good news is that online lenders are usually more flexible with their requirements, so even with a bad credit score you can still be accepted. The way it works is that you send in a request to Speedy Cash Advance Loans. You can do that by using your smartphone, PC or tablet to access the internet and fill in the form on our website. We’ll send off your request to an extensive list of trusted lenders. They will all have a chance to review your request and make a fast decision. When one of them chooses to accept your request, you’ll be sent a preliminary offer to sign. With these online loans, you do not have to sign them, but it’s only if you want to. As soon as you sign it and return it to the lender, your money will be prepared. You can take the funds and spend them however you wish – without restriction. Contact us today for more information!

How can I fix my bad credit score?

The best way to improve your credit score is to begin better paying habits. It’s really important to pay your bills before their due date, for instance. That will not only improve your credit score, but it will save you tons of money in late fees and penalties! If you are in debt up to your ears, find a way to get some of that paid off. The less debt you have, the easier it is to fix your credit score. If you still have trouble, there are individual financial counselors and organizations that are happy to help people with low credit scores. Reach out to them and follow their good advice. Good luck!

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